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Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China


After training as a doctor in London, Hudson Taylor believed that he was called to serve in China as a missionary. To get there he had to survive a harrowing sea voyage. And once he reached China, Taylor had to endure persecution and hardship. And that is what makes his story so interesting; despite all the hardships and losses he and his family had to go through, they survived with their faith stronger than ever.

Not only did he survive, Hudson Taylor went on to become one of the great missionaries to China. He challenged the traditional methods missionaries used at the time, choosing instead to adopt many Chinese ways and mannerisms. He went on to found the China Inland Mission where he imparted all he'd learned about China and reaching the Chinese people with the gospel message to a new generation of Western missionaries.

You will be amazed at Hudson Taylor's humility, tenacity, foresight, and wisdom as you read this story.

Pages: 208 (paperback)

Ages: 10+

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