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John Wesley: The World His Parish

(1703 -1791)

Pursuing his calling with singleness of vision, John Wesley defied the strength of angry mobs and longstanding traditions to offer the gospel message to the millions of people outside the influence of the churches of the day.

Passionate and tireless, Wesley, an Anglican clergyman, rode a quarter of a million miles on horseback during his lifetime, stopping to preach more than forty thousand sermons in open fields, churches, and barns.

Focused on the Bible and holy living, the movement that Wesley founded quickly multiplied across England. Societies were organized and the members of the societies called themselves Methodists. It wasn't long before these Methodist societies were springing up in other countries as well. John Wesley's effort to bring spiritual renewal to the Anglican church led to the establishment of a new and vibrant denomination—the Methodists.

Pages: 190 (paperback)

Ages: 10+

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