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Christian Heroes

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John Williams: Messenger of Peace


The thousands of islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean were home to fierce warriors and cannbals. In what should have been an idyllic location, life for most residents of these islands had fallen in to an endless round of brutality. A few islands in the eastern Pacific near Tahiti had been dramatically transformed by the gospel message, but thousands more islands waited for someone to come and teach them about the one true God. And that someone was John Williams, who dedicated his life to bringing the gospel message of love and peace to these brutal islands. In the face of constant danger, he went from island to island sharing the gospel message and discipling the new converts. He then inspired these Polynesian Christians to go as missionaries to neighboring islands. John Williams ultimately gave his life in pursuit of his goal, but not before the gospel message had spread throughout most of Polynesia.

Pages: 208 (paperback)

Ages: 10+

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