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William Booth: Soup, Soap, and Salvation


Horrified by the poverty and suffering most people took for granted in industrrial England, William Booth dedicated his life to bringing the gospel message to the outcasts of society who would never enter a church, and weren't welcome there even if they did. Despite resistance from the church and government, vicious attacks by angry mobs, and a lack of money, Booth persevered in his effort to share the gospel. Eventually the Salvation Army was born of his efforts. With Booth as its general, the Salvation Army went on to have a worldwide impact. Through an approach of soup, soap, and salvation, not only did people get to hear the gospel message forcefully presented, but they also got to see the gospel lived out daily through simple practical gestures such as feeding the hungry and caring for the orphans and homeless.

Pages: 208 (paperback)

Ages: 10+

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